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Potomac Boat Club Membership

Potomac Boat Club is a member-run boat club in Washington, DC on the Potomac River. Potomac Boat Club welcomes rowers of all ages and skill levels, sculling and sweep, from novices to juniors to masters, and from the casual to the obsessed! We are a community bound together by our appreciation for this unique institution, our devotion to the sport and our love for the great Potomac River!

Membership is by application only and allows full use of the club building and equipment. We offer a variety of boats for the use of our members, including singles, doubles and quads. There is also a fleet of canoes, paddleboards and kayaks available for your use.

As a volunteer organization, all members are expected to contribute regularly to the management, maintenance, operation and repair of the facilities and equipment. This may include professional skills (law, accounting, management, etc.), trade skills (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.), and rowing skills (coaching, orientation, boat repair, sculling certification, regatta management, etc.). Periodic member workdays are scheduled throughout the year and there are plenty of opportunities for members to help keep our club running smoothly.

How to apply

In order to apply, you need to complete an application and pay a nonrefundable application fee of $50.

Because membership is capped, there is approximately a two-year wait before applicants are offered membership.

Applicants are not permitted to use the club or its facilities prior to being a member except as the periodic guest of a Senior member in good standing. When an applicant reaches the top of the waitlist, it is expected that they will accept club membership when offered or they will need to reapply.

While on the waitlist, applicants may be eligible to participate in formal club racing programs. Current programs are the Potomac Scullers, Men's Sweep, Women's Sweep, and the High Performance Program. Applicants are only to use the Club and its facilities as part of organized racing program practice hours or when working out with teammates (i.e., weight training or ergs) and have no other membership privileges at the Club until they become Senior members. If the applicant declines membership when offered, then they are no longer eligible to continue to participate with racing programs, then or in the future. Further information on participants with competitive privileges can be found here.


Hopefully many were answered. But if you have more, you can contact the Membership Committee by using the form below. Make sure to notify us if your contact info changes while you are waiting, so we know how to find you when you reach the top of the list.